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Floor Plans | Real Estate Photo Editing

Floor plans provide potential buyers with a significant overall perspective of the property by providing precise layout and dimensions. Our skilled floor planners use the most up-to-date electronic measuring technology to ensure precise measures and eliminate errors. External information, such as pools and gardens, is included free of charge.

Don’t expect your buyers to remember the layouts of all 20 houses they saw over the weekend. Provide comprehensive floor plans so that buyers can return to the house and get a better sense of the space’s dimensions. Provide out-of-town or international buyers a way to see the home’s layout in reference to your stunning photos.

We can also add colors to the standard black and white floor layouts! Alternatively, take it a step further and have us create a 3D Floor Plan to fully showcase the listing’s layout.

Traditional 2D Black & White Floor Plans

The 2D black and white floor plan is ideal if you want a simple, no-nonsense floor plan that clearly shows the home’s layout. Potential buyers will have a good understanding of the home’s layout if it is clear, basic, and easy to use.

Buyers want floor plans that accurately depict the actual room, which helps in the faster selling of properties and the generation of more inquiries that lead to sales. Not only do buyers want high-resolution photographs, but having a floor plan design makes a significant difference in their decision-making process.

The floor plan shows the dimensions, storage space, measurements, and interconnectivity of different rooms such as the kitchen, garden, living room, bathroom, balcony, etc. We create 2D floor plans according to the client’s specifications, delivering a cost-effective and high-quality design that includes total area dimensions, floor size, names, and furniture placement plans. We convert the blueprints into 2D floor plans in high quality using innovative techniques, providing a unique feature to observe and allowing the customer to determine if it meets their needs.

Full Color 2D Textured Floor Plans

A full-color 2D floor design adds another layer of visual interest. The layout of the house will be easily visible to potential buyers. Different types of rooms can be color-coded to highlight the home’s layout.

To help customers with marketing plans, our designers add colors to floor plan layouts. You can use it on your real estate websites or brochures. Such a floor plan has the potential to generate the needed appeal for attracting your target audience.

Use a 2D textured floor plan to show off the arrangement of the property and features like textured floorings like carpets, tiles, decks, and furnishings. A 2D textured floor plan will highlight these aspects and provide prospective buyers with a lot of information.

With our textured layout designs, you can get a general idea of your home design plan. You’ll know just where to put your furniture, tiles, and carpets to make your home more attractive.

High-Quality Architectural 3D Floor Plans

A 3D floor plan is almost as good as walking through the property since it presents the house in more detail to a potential buyer. A 3D floor plan will show off a house and help attract top-quality buyers by demonstrating flooring transitions and the direction a door swings.

CosyFoto helps real estate developers, civil engineers, construction businesses, and architects visualize their concepts and develop highly detailed architectural floor plans for their projects. We have a team of specialists that have the necessary knowledge and experience to generate beautiful exterior and interior design rendered floor plans.

We make sure our designs are technically accurate. When designing floor plans, we use the best and most up-to-date 3D technology and software, as well as the building code identification number system. We help customers visualize their ideal houses by delivering high-quality visualizations that encourage them to purchase or invest in real estate.

Why Floor Plans Are Important For Real Estate

A real estate floor plan is a scale drawing that shows the property from above. It highlights the relationship between rooms and areas, as well as the property’s overall layout.

Customer engagement with a real estate listing is boosted by good floor layouts, which can even boost the property’s resale value. According to a Rightmove research, floor plans are one of the most important aspects of promoting a real estate property for sale.

  • More than a third of buyers said they were less interested in asking about a home if it did not include a floor plan.
  • One out of every five buyers will pass over a listing that does not feature real estate floor plans.
  • Including a real estate floor plan in a property offering can result in a 52 percent boost in buyer click-throughs.
  • Make sure to include floor plans with your real estate marketing if you want to increase your chances of finding a buyer or tenant for your home.

With CosyFoto, you can easily and conveniently order high-quality 2D & 3D Floor Plans for your real estate marketing. Our real estate floor plans are ideal for use on listing portals, real estate websites, marketing materials, presentations, and social media, among other things.

Why Hire CosyFoto?

Our precise and accurate floor designs, which are meant to promote clarity of vision and, as a result, positive responses, have won us a solid name in the industry. We use cutting-edge floor plan design tools to generate world-class 2D floor plan renderings. Here are some reasons why you might want to work with us:

  • Expertise in designing floor plans for both residential and commercial properties.
  • Professional and experienced home plan designers with the ability and competence to work on a variety of projects with different levels of complexity.
  • Ability to accurately design floor plans while maintaining design aesthetics and accommodating ideas with a solid understanding of space and dimensions.
  • Turnaround time within 24-48 hours. We have strong dedication to meeting deadlines, regardless of how complex a project may be, promptly providing results.
  • Reasonably priced real estate picture editing services starts at $0.7 are built with each customer’s individual demands in mind and offered according to their budget.
  • Sincere and dedicated customer service team that works 24/7 at different hours throughout the day to guarantee that they are available at all times, whenever you need them.
  • A strong data security system that is updated regularly to ensure that it is still effective in preventing data breaches and protecting our customers’ trade secrets.

Our expert floor plan design professionals are always ready to cooperate with you if you need accurate and visually pleasing floor plans. All you have to do is contact us with your needs, and we’ll provide you with the project scope and a quotation. Contact us today to know how we can help you.


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