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What is Real Estate Floor Plan Creation, and Why Do You Need It?

Modern real estate marketing is demanding.

Agents, realtors, and individual property owners know they need professional real estate photography, drone videos, and aerial shots, and they also need to create virtual tours plus walk-through videos. On top of all these presentations, let’s not forget that you also need an accurate real estate floor plan creation for the property.

There are three general types of floor plans for real estate:

  •   Architectural 3D floor plans
  •   Full-color 2D textured floor plans
  •   Traditional 2D black & white floor plans

When you look at reliably produced real estate floor plans, you can see precisely where windows and doors are located, as well as what storage capacity the property has and where the house’s exterior features are, concerning each other. With long-distance buyers becoming more common in every state, floor plans are becoming more and more essential in the selling process.

Floor plans also help buyers envision their furniture and belongings in the home, which is a huge benefit for someone who’s struggling to visualize if a property is the right one or not. A potential buyer can see, briefly, that their favorite sofa will fit perfectly on the wall next to the picture window by looking at the measurements and window placements. In addition, prospective buyers are more likely to offer by imagining themselves living in the property because they become more emotionally invested or bonded to the place.


Remember the Buying Process

In most cases, the search for a new home begins online or through an app. Most people with busy schedules conduct most of their research at home. In-person inspections start only after a significant amount of time has been spent researching properties online and planning out their daily routines, such as planning out where the furniture will go, looking at Google Street View, and imagining where their car will be parked.

It cannot be easy to fit physical property inspections into people’s busy schedules. They often conflict with their work schedules and other obligations, like a second job or taking care of the baby. It’s not unusual for property buyers to ‘cram’ on the last thirty days before the actual purchase. Some people go through as many as thirty physical inspections on the month where they’re ready to buy.

Even though physical inspections are the best way to determine whether a property will meet your needs, few people conduct their search this way. Online real estate websites give people the freedom to look at fifty different properties without having to leave their house or schedule an appointment. If you want people to look further, you need to entice them first.

A floor plan is a bird’s-eye view of your property. For example, it would look like the roof had been lifted and a bird had flown over it. There are many different floor plans, including 2D and 3D floor plans.

Bathroom fixtures, kitchen appliances/units, and wardrobes are typical examples of built-ins that can be seen on a floor plan. Renters and buyers need to get a good sense of the property by looking at floor plans.

Scale is the most critical aspect of a floor plan. Scale drawings are accurate representations of real-world objects scaled down to a more manageable size. Spaces that are accurately proportioned give buyers and renters an accurate representation of the property’s actual dimensions.


Are Floor Plan Apps Truly Worth It?

There is no doubt that floor plans are one of the most sought-after features in a home’s listing, according to the 2017 NAR generational trend report. Unfortunately, many realtors are still not using floor plans, even though buyers claim it as a huge factor. Add a floor plan to your ad, and your list will rise above the rest.

However, are all floor plans equal in terms of their layouts? Not at all. The idea of getting a real estate floor plan for free is a temptation too great to resist. This is the main reason why the Android and Apple app markets are deluged with apps that promise to generate floor plans at no cost.

These days, there are apps available to help both real estate agents and homeowners design their custom floor plans. Some may think it’s an easy task.

Play around with the app and adjust the placement of your windows and doors based on the information you enter, and presto! You no longer have to pay to get an accurate floor plan.

However, if something sounds too good to be true, it most likely is. Attempting to create a floorplan on your own or using an app has several serious drawbacks.

Let’s look at the drawbacks of using a floorplan app.

The first issue is the length of time it takes to use an app. You work in the real estate industry. Your most valuable asset is your time. Taking the time to input dimensions and measurements properly is not a task that can be completed in a short period. If you’re looking to save time, a perfectly square room may be a better option.

The time you could spend with clients, acquire new listings, or show homes to potential buyers could be better utilized elsewhere.

The second major drawback is accuracy. If these apps were genuinely accurate, even architects would use them. However, licensed architects and architectural designers will always revert to the right technology to deliver the best results. Furthermore, even graphic design companies with expertise in floor plans will not risk it with these flimsy apps only on mobile phones.

Remember that these apps use a simple algorithm. Everything about these apps is lightweight and compact. While it’s okay to use a mobile app for opening your business emails, that does not extend to generating accurate floor plans to sell a home over $150,000. 

Most of the time, these apps calculate the area of a room based on image analysis. Even if an app asks for measurements from you, the results will not be as precise as those taken by a draftsman or professional real estate floor plan creation services.

We’re pretty sure that these apps were not designed to replace professional floor plan creators. Can an app honestly go head-to-head with an experienced drafting technician when it comes to creating floor plans for a property? It’s not likely. These apps are geared toward homeowners. These apps help evaluate the placement of the furniture in your home so that you can get started on repairs and remodeling projects. If you’re remodeling, you’ll still need the help of a professional to create a floorplan before you start on any severe remodeling work.


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