CosyFoto has a solid reputation in the photo editing industry. We have served customers from all over the world for the last decade. We provide advanced editing services including Virtual Dusk, Virtual Staging, Retouching Photo, Floor Plan, and so on. Customer service is assured and we make sure you are satisfied when you work with us. 

CosyFoto is ready to work and to serve customers 24/7. We work closely with you to make sure the final outcome is the best, and we thrive to provide an outstanding experience throughout the process.         

CosyFoto’s Main Services

CosyFoto has been a reputable professional photo editing company, and we take pride in our works. Our experts will work with you from the beginning until the end to meet your expectations. Please find all of our services below. 


General Photo Editing

Not everyone can take a good photo, let alone being able to edit it. We provide top editing skills by licensed photo editors and use the leading technology softwares. CosyFoto’s mission statement is to provide our customers the best photo editing service. 


Virtual Dusk Photography Editing

Virtual dusk photos are captured in HRD (high-dynamic-range) during normal daylight conditions. During the post-production, designers will replace the sky and make a few adjustments. Day-to-night digital transformation, or the day-to-dusk service, provided by CosyFoto aims to help professional photographers transform regular photos into phenomenal ones. With a team of experienced photo editing experts, your photos will be creative and engaging while preserving the details in the photo.  


Virtual Staging Photography

Virtual staging is taking over the real estate photography industry. For your information, virtual staging is a computer-aided design (CAD) process to add interior furniture to make the house lively. With the assistance of computer softwares, virtual staging is designed to create a highly realistic image of properties. With new tools and faster technology, the service is becoming more and more popular. CosyFoto is confident to bring out the best photos for our clients by using the latest technology in the market.   


Retouching Photo

We use Adobe Photoshop and Adobe Illustrator to aid the retouching process. Retouching upgrades the quality of an image by applying different graphic techniques. A photo has to pass our strict approval to be considered complete, which the display has to be clear, sharp, well defined, eye-catching colors, and with proper lighting.   


Creating Floor Plan

A floor plan is a diagram of a room, or a property. By looking at the floor plan, a person can see the structure of a particular space, hence can make any adjustments if needed. Real estate agencies can have a better idea of what the property looks and be able to provide more information to the renters. Our designers at CosyFoto are more than experienced to help you create a floor plan for your property. 

Why CosyFoto?

-  We work on any request almost immediately
-  We provide the exact solutions and costs after receiving the request.
-  With a team of experienced designers, we ensure that we can accommodate any of the work received.
-  All orders will be scheduled to deliver within the same day. We will let you know in advance if the quantity is too large.
-  Customer information is protected at all costs. 


Mission Statement

We thrive to provide the best experience with the highest service available in the market. We love to see our clients happy with the results, which is the motivation to keep us working tirelessly. We hope to help more people with their photo editing needs, and to live up with our mission statement. 

The team at CosyFoto works with a high spirit. We are always eager to apply new technology and techniques to improve our services. Our results speak for themselves, and our clients are always happy with it. Check out our Facebook Page to see what our clients say about us!


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