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What Is Photo Retouching Service 


In the field of photography, "Retouch" refers to correct, and retouchers are the people who fix the photos. Retouching service will depend on the nature of the job, whether it is for personal usage, or for professional commercial and advertising.


In general,  there are a few questions needed answers before retouchers can start the work, including: 

-  How is the composition, frame of the photos?

-  Does the photo have any problems with light? For instance, lack of light, overexposure, problems encountered when shooting in backlight, is image grainy, etc

-  Is the picture dull, lack contrast, or lack of sharpness?

-  Are the colors of the photos bright? Is the color faded or too dark?

-  Are there any obstacles and unnecessary details in the picture?

-  If there are characters in the picture, is the character's skin beautiful or not? Is the skin yellow, red, or pale? Is there a need to balance the proportions of the body for the character?

-  Does the photo need to add other details, color blending, and special effects?


Our Featured Retouching Service 


Premium Retouching Photo 

This service is for professional photographers or photo editors only. We understand that your workflow might not allow you to finish all the work on time. With CosyFoto’s Premium Editing service, you can expect excellent work from us, from the most basic adjustment. You will save a lot of time and focus on other important tasks when working with us.


Headshot Retouching Photo 

Headshot pictures always make a strong impression on viewers. It is not easy to get a clear close-up photo of the face even if you are an expert. This service is designed for beginners without experience in editing, we will help you to have a sophisticated photo that highlights the character.


Portrait Retouching Photo 

We take pride in the work of portraits photo editing, especially our fully automatic facial correction. Some of the featured services are:

-  Skin makeup (smoothing skin, including removing face shadows, grease, sweat, blemishes like acne, freckles, freckles, and wrinkles)

-  Eye makeup to increase eye color, sharpness, more innocence

-  Red eyes removal

-  Teeth whitening

-  Enhance colors to adjust upper light faces

-  More than 40 stylish photo effects


Body Retouching 

Our experienced and professional team members can help you look slimmer. You can try our innovative and skilled body photo editing service today by sending the photo and making your request. We'll do the rest. Our featured services are:

-  Make you look higher or slimmed down

-  Elongated legs 

-  Increase or decrease chest size

-  Highlight your waistline

-  The collapse of abdominal fat

-  Add six-pack muscles or abdominal muscles


Newborn Retouching

We understand that it is difficult to get the perfect picture of your child. Check out CosyFoto's newborn photo editing service to capture your child’s momentary photos.


Skin correction

-  Facial cleansing

-  Clear blemishes, lines, blemishes

-  Image coverage

-  Adjust contrast, brightness, and sharpness

-  Hair retouching

-  Color correction


Wedding Photo Retouching 

There are a few steps when it comes to professional wedding photo retouching


Color Correction 

When you receive the original photos, the color composition needs to be balanced. Weather is one of the main reasons why a photo doesn’t look as good as expected. A professional photographer should be able to balance the color composition and the light to match with each other.



The next step is composition. Sometimes, the pictures don’t turn out to be good as expected. The designers need to create the best effects and colors. Often time, you aren’t able to choose a frame with the same tone when there is a white wedding dress. That's the reason why a professional photo editing service is important. 


Final Version 

The final part is to do touch-ups. Sometimes, there will be unnecessary parts included in the pictures. For instance, someone was captured in the middle of the groom and the bride. Our job is to make sure we remove those unnecessary parts the best we can, and apply the filters and presets to ensure a well-balanced picture. 


Jewelry Photo Retouching 

Photos with the reflection of the gem’s sparkles are recommended to get the attention. Our main goal is to make high-end product images eye-catching, appealing, and more engaging to commercial customers through a number of editing techniques such as sharp color correction, remove scratches and black marks on metal, remove yellow color, etc.