10 Best Free Lightroom Presets April 2021

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Collection of the 10 best free lightroom presets in April 2021


MALDIVES TROPICAL Preset is a great choice for you in the summer. It brings a clear, flesh blush to the images of the beach, the sky during the trip. You will definitely have a flickering set of photos. It leads to the fact that you feel like you’re in paradise. Furthermore, presets help brighten up images, enhance sharpness, highlight turquoise and make your skin look tanned. You can use them with a wide variety of images, especially blue tones such as shots of outdoors, beaches, sky, etc.


If you love green tones but you want your images look moody, then use Moody Green Preset. This preset is ideal for bloggers, photographers and all those who want a consistent look on Instagram because it's perfect for indoor and outdoor photography, product shots and portraits. All presets will be different on each image due to of the main color and white balance settings. If you don't like that, you may adjust exposure or temperature to get the best results.

3. LIGHT- GRAY Preset

Make your portraits look more glamorous and artistic with this beautiful Light-gray Preset Lightroom. This presets will create a attractive blush without complex color tones. Moreover, it is also suitable for a wide variety of photography.

However, keep in mind that all presets will look different on each image just because of lighting conditions, dominant colors, image style, and more... Therefore all you can do to get the satisfactory results is adjust the temperature, exposure, saturation, …

4. ORANGE Preset

Summer is coming, you definitely cannot ignore the Preset Lightroom with the fresh and orange tone. This Preset brings out an outstanding lemon- yellow tone and creates  tanned skin. The subject in the photo will stand out and be more attractive than ever. Orange preset is easy to use. It is also ideal for photographers, bloggers, influencers, and even beginners. You can create your own style to beautify your Instagram profile.


Palm Springs Lightroom Preset is a combination of tropical blue tones, fresh and vibrant light. Your photos will be vibrant, bright and artistic. The preset works on a wide variety of images such as travel, fashion, landscape, urban, lifestyle and sky photography with natural tones like blue, orange, brown, etc. Due to the different lighting conditions and saturation of each photo, you may make small adjustments when applying the preset.


Golden Mobile Lightroom Preset brings main colors: white, red, yellow and orange, which are suitable for photos taken outdoors, travel, etc .... This color formula increases highlights,  image clarity and adjusts color levels, it also produces a vibrant, striking look. Whether you are a beginner or not it is very easy to use. This preset package is a perfect choice for users on Instagram, Facebook,… and who love photo editing.


Sweet Home & Lifestyle Lightroom Mobile Preset will make your photos look warm, bright and  stand out with natural skin tones and dreamy colors. This preset has a unique style that saves you time in editing process.

Add a warm, soothing feeling to your image to create a consistent work for your personal Instagram or blog. It’s a perfect preset for lifestyle, selfies, kids and families, portraits, travel blogs and food.


The Preset Lightroom Dark tone Art focuses on gray, black and white tones, giving a simple blush, not too cumbersome but still very sophisticated, artistic. This is the perfect preset for a city view with mysterious dark tones that doesn't feel too dark. An indispensable choice for bloggers, photographers and those who love photography. Additionally, it is also incredibly easy to use, bringing effective results after applying. You can adjust a few parameters to get the best pictures.


Mico Signature Preset is a tool researched and designed for four years. This can be the beginning of your creative journey in finding your own style. It is the product of continually learning from movies, paintings, travel, and other types of art. It gives your photos a world of color richness. Let’s create your own special work with this insteresting special preset!

10. NOMAD FAIR Preset

Nomad Fair is a professional photo editing preset for Lightroom Mobile & Desktop which add to your photo amazing feelings that make you feel like going on a real adventure! This magical preset is perfectly suited to bring natural colors, perfect ghosting for a scene that's more amazing than ever. This is the perfect choice for travelers, photographers and bloggers as they have been tested on real images and different devices.

Did you find some presets you like? Which was your favorite?

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