Ultimate Beginner’s Guide to Instagram Business: How to Create a Successful Brand on Instagram

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With over 1 billion users and over 80% of people using Instagram to research products or services, Instagram is one of the best marketing tools for any business size, from the big budgets to small local shops, or even freelancers. Want to win on Instagram? Be sure to follow our steps to grow your brand with Instagram for Business.



Creating a direct profile is the key to increase your followers, so take advantage of all the coming traffic. The three important areas are your brand's logo, description, and URL link. Since Instagram is an image-focused social media site, make sure your profile picture is a good-looking and professional one. If you use your logo as the profile pic, make sure it is the same one on your website. Consistency is key!


Your description/bio tells people who you are, what you do, what is your business about, and what they can expect when they follow you. People care about WHY you do what you are doing, and it is the very reason your business exists. Be sure the description fits the narrative of your targeted customers or what customers want to get from your company to avoid being unfollowed. Instagram only allows 150 characters in the bio section, so you should make the most use of word choices, or include important information about your company, such as products/service provided or a catchy quote. 


Adding a link to your website will automatically increase traffic to your site. A business profile can set up call-to-action buttons such as Call, Contact Us, Directions, Start Order, Buy Tickets. You can use third-party apps to direct customers to start and complete orders, or navigate them to your desired destinations.



You should consider using photo editing apps to better your posts, such as Canva. Canva is a dream come true for entrepreneurs. It eliminates hours of photo manipulation and editing. It comes with tons of samples and features. Depending on your message, you can use different colors, fonts, and elements to reflect your posts, hence strengthening your brand messages.


If you know some basic editing skills, then creating your content is the best way to show your message and brand to the world. You are probably thinking you need a super expensive camera to do so. In fact, you don’t need a DSLR or a mirrorless camera. A built-in camera in your phone is more than sufficient to create beautiful and strong images for your brand on Instagram. We provide many tips for mobile photography through this link, and you can also find our guide for Lightroom from this link


Please keep in mind that CosyFoto offers high-quality image editing and retouching at an affordable price. We will help you to edit photos that attract customers. Check our Instagram to see more of our works.


Hashtags are a must when it comes to expanding and getting recognized on Instagram. We suggest using at least 10-15 hashtags on every post to get as much interaction as possible. You can even create your own hashtag. For instance, travellers create their own hashtags for each place they are in, so people can click on it and read about their adventures, experiences, and reviews. It also makes your brand more unique and more noticeable. A call-to-actions button should be included to direct users to your main website for further information. If the links are too long, you can use tools like Bitly to shorten links and add to your captions, IGTVs, or Reels. 


Your caption also plays a crucial role in the branding process. Nobody wants to read a boring caption that has nothing to do with the content itself. It is important to write a caption that relates to the post, starting with a question, title, or a cliffhanger, and ending with a call-to-action. Emojis can be added to make it more fun, and you should include your brand’s personality into it. Make it sounds like you are talking to a friend, but also make it relevant with your brand message. Another suggestion from us is to create photos that contain captions and short texts. Text images are more visually attractive to people than long captions.


It is important to diversify your content to make it appealing to your followers. Switch between Instagrams Stories, Reels, and Videos every once in a while. Try to keep the Stories under one style, for instance, same color, same fonts, and so on. Instagrams Highlights are one of the first things people notice when they come into your feed, make sure to keep them on brand by using the same color with your logo or fits the color of your feed. Overall, by switching between different features and keeping the image consistent, you will have a better chance to catch others' attention, hence raising your awareness

When it is all said and done, to build a strong brand on Instagram, consistency is the key and the golden ticket to success. From the logo, to the description, and to the actual post, everything should follow a particular style so it does not make people question your brand image. Don’t forget to make your posts unique, and stay true to your personality. Consistency improves trust, and trust improves relationships. Don’t freak out and stress yourself, instead, find the fun in doing it. It’s not that bad afterall, and the more fun you have, the more people you will attract to your brand. 


At CosyFoto, we specialize in photo editing which focuses on building your brand image. We work with you to discuss the best way to feature your brand on social media sites, as well as build trust and awareness, and we work tirelessly until we meet your expectations.