Why Outsourcing A Photography Editing Company Is Important?

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Everyone wants to be their own boss. Sometimes it works, sometimes it doesn't because the workload is just too much. This applies to photo editing as well. As easy as it can be, photo editing takes a lot of time and before you know it, you are pulled too deep into the workload. It is necessary for you to grow your business instead of just staring at the screen for hours and hours. We will share with you Why and How you should outsourcing photography editing services.

Let's just admit it, we - all photographers out there - have spent a lot of time, or maybe too much time, sitting in front of the monitor editing photos for our projects. You might enjoy the process, but sometimes it is too hard and time-consuming to do everything.

Editing is one of the most time-consuming aspects of your workflow. Every minute you spend editing is too much time you aren’t spending growing your own photography business. And anything that takes too much time and holds you back from your goals is detrimental to your success. By outsourcing the photo editing process, you can save time and also manage other tasks as well.

Why You Need Outsourcing Photo Editing Service?

Many people say if they could afford it then they would have done it. In fact, many companies charge very little for the service. This comes to our first reason.

1. You don’t have to do it all

The task list as a photographer and a business owner is endless, and there are not enough hours to accomplish it all alone. Of course, you can work all day, every day. But there are still tasks that will be missed or pushed to the side. Even if you could keep up with your never-ending task list, working on too many things at once can leave room for error, and can put a pause on your growth. It’s not the end of the world to have outside help so you can focus on other things as a business owner.

2. Editors are experts

At CosyFoto, we believe that each person has a style, and we understand that sometimes it’s hard to just hand over your work to someone else to work on. However, when you outsource your wedding photography editing to a specialist, you partner with an expert. Rather than hiring an editor, who you might need to spend hours on training, you trust your photo edit to a company that specializes in photography editing.

You can focus on shooting, lighting, posing, and everything that goes into capturing gorgeous images. A specialist can focus on the science behind color correction, allowing you to have consistent images to deliver to your wedding clients.

Here at CosyFoto, we will work with you from the moment you start sending us your photos until you get the final version.

3. There are just so many things to do

Editing is a necessary part of your job of delivering unforgettable images to your clients. But, there are so many parts to editing images. And as a photographer, you may understand exactly how to achieve the result you desire. Though, the time spent on the edits necessary can take a long time and become very overwhelming. People want to have their photos as quickly as possible, so by doing everything by yourself, you might just slow your own work down.

4. Finally, you are just missing out on your life

When your workload is piling, there is no good time to take a vacation, enjoy yourself, or even take a breath. If you are staying up all night editing your photos (rather than sending them to a photo editing company), you do not have a lot of personal time. Taking a vacation is a great way for you to de-stress and spend time outside of your business.

Another thing is that as your business grows, you may want to elevate your brand to attract a specific type of client. How can you take the time to elevate your brand, create the proper messaging, and attract those clients if you are the only one doing everything?

It all comes down to time management in the end. Having someone to help you out might cost some more, but it is necessary so you can take another step to build your own brand.

How to Outsource Photo Editing Service?

Now the big question - How to outsource a photography editing company. We will show you the best way to outsource a photography editor.

1. Define your style

Think about what you want as the final result. Some people prefer the photos to be a litter brighter and warmer, while others might want to focus on sharpness and contrast. Keep a sample of 5 or 10 photos and share it with the future editor for reference. 

2. Do your research

There are millions of editors out there. It might sound easy to find one but to find The One for you can be tricky. Make sure to do your research, find the website, check out the portfolios and testimonials. You will have a better idea of what the editor's style is and if he/she is a trustworthy editor. You should also choose between 2-3 editors so you have a backup option.

3. Send photos to your editor

After selecting your editor, you should send your photos and samples to the editor alongside any notes or special requests so he/she knows what to expect. Many editors work without clear instructions, hence reduce productivity.

4. Ask for changes

It is very normal for you to not get what you want when the photos first arrive. You might still need to dial in with the editor to make any necessary changes. Keep working with your editor and you will get there.

5. Get the final version

Make sure the work meets your expectations. If it does, then you have found a way to reduce your workflow while you can focus on other things. Or better yet, you can go spend time with your family and loved ones not feeling guilty about not doing your work.

6. Use the time to grow your business

Create new offers, connect with past clients, expand the served markets, etc. The main key is to realize that there is help out there and you don’t need to work all by yourself. Your most valuable piece of work is not from sitting all day editing. Let others work for you and you do what you have to do.

Why You Should Work With CosyFoto?

CosyFoto has a solid reputation in the photo editing industry. We have served customers from all over the world for the last decade. Some of our advanced main services are Virtual Dusk, Virtual Staging, Retouching Photo, Floor Plan, and so on. Customer service is assured and we make sure you are satisfied when you work with us. We work closely with you to make sure the final outcome is the best, and we thrive to provide an outstanding experience throughout the process.    

-  We work on any request almost immediately

-  We provide the exact solutions and costs after receiving the request.

-  With a team of experienced designers, we ensure that we can accommodate any of the work received.

-  All orders will be scheduled to deliver within the same day. We will let you know in advance if the quantity is too large.

-  Customer information is protected at all costs. 

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