10 of the BEST Wedding Photography Tips for Beginners



The pictures of a beautiful wedding capturing the memorable moments of the bride and groom with friends and family will be a precious memory of each couple. But how to get those beautiful, sparkling images, this below article will show you 10 ways to make beautiful wedding photos.

1. Enjoy every moment

The easiest way to have a natural smile is thinking funny things or recall a memory that is funny. Photographers can ask the bride and groom about their feelings before the wedding, which also helps the couple feel more comfortable expressing their feelings. When you don't notice that you're taking a photo, you easily get the best shot.

So, remember when you're taking photos, don't always pay attention to what the lens or the photographer is doing. Instead, focus your attention on your partner and try to interact with each other as much as possible.

2. Relax your hands

The hand is the easiest part of the image to be strained, let’s be careful. Don’t hold your hand or bend your fingers. Try holding flowers with one hand and the other on your hips, this also helps to accentuate the waist and make them feel more slim.

If you are sitting, you can lightly knit your fingers together and place them comfortably on your feet, but remember not to squeeze too tight. 

3. Keep arms slightly away from body

If you press your arms close along your body, the upper body will flatten out and become larger than usual, which often worsens your image when taking a wedding photo.

When taking wedding photos, think of happy memories, enjoy the moments together to have the most comfortable position.

4. Relax your arms

Highly curved arms look more natural and comfortable than straight arms, so keep the bouquet at waist height with elbows.

5. Pay attention to the posture

A standard pose will help you look better in photos. This also ensures that you will show off the beauty of your wedding outfit as well as help you look more confident.

Therefore, whether sitting or standing, remember to always straighten your back, but relax enough to not look stiff.

6. Avoid standing parallel to the camera axis

The basic posture for good shots is to stand at a 45-degree angle from the camera. 

Specifically, stand in front of the hind legs, with the weight on the rear legs, and the front legs facing the camera, so that your hips will protrude slightly. Likewise, if you are taking a sitting picture, you can lean slightly back, which will make your legs look slimmer. Crossing your legs is also a good trick to make the horizontal part of your body look smaller than it really is.

7. Smile at the right time

A natural smile will brighten up your photo, but if you try to hold it for too long, your face will freeze up.

For this reason, between shots, take the opportunity to relax your mouth muscles so that when the lens is facing you, you will have the brightest smile.

8. Get familiar with the camera

Your photographer is an important factor in determining whether you are natural when shooting. Hence, choose wisely and find someone you feel comfortable working with.

Take a portrait photo before the wedding album with this photographer, this is your chance to better understand his or her working style, it’s also a good opportunity to practice posing in front of the camera. These will help your photo taking anxiety go away.

9. Keep breathing steady

If you think that holding your breath to control your body shape, you are wrong. Because it will make it difficult for you to have natural expressions, on the contrary,you will look very tense.

Let’s breathe normally, you will look more comfortable. Smile naturally, immerse yourself in the shooting atmosphere for the most innocent wedding photos.

10. Don't put pressure on time

A beautiful wedding photo album takes a lot of time, take it slow, don’t let time press you and the photographer. If you know for sure that you don't have a lot of time to take pictures, you need to be realistic that the photo album won't be as perfect as you would like.

That’s a lot of advice for beginners! Hopefully this article has helped you think about or plan your next wedding photography shoot. Are you a seasoned wedding photographer? Share in    the comments what advice you have for newcomers looking to make a name for themselves in the wedding photography industry. Your experiences can help others along the way!