Top 11 Best Camera Apps For Android In 2021



Modern smartphones don't require a second application to have good pictures. However, with phones that don't have good camera quality, having a photography application is recommended to improve image quality when you shoot or record video.

But what is the best app for you? To make your search easy, Cosy will share a list of the best camera apps for Android which are the most popular today.


List Of Best Camera Apps For Android Today:

1. Camera FV-5

Camera FV-5 is one of the best camera apps for Android that aims to help you gradually enter the professional photography market. It's a free or paid app, with a paid version that gives you access to higher camera resolutions and RAW support.
With Camera FV-5, you can make manual adjustments just like a DSLR camera. Any photo setting in Camera FV-5 is adjustable, including exposure, ISO, metering, white balance, shutter speed, and even program mode. The viewfinder also displays useful EXIF ​​data, such as exposure time, aperture, and f-stop.
When you want to take pictures of the nightlife this app will give you impressive shots with a long exposure mode in Camera FV-5. All pictures taken with Camera FV-5 can be saved as JPG, real 16-bit RAW DNG or lossless PNG format.

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2. Camera MX

Camera MX is proof that you don't need to pay to find the best camera apps for Android. It has a simple interface, doesn't do too much with settings, so it's ideal for the casual user. You can take photos and videos, and create Live Shots, similar to the Live Photos feature on an iOS device that combines a photo with a small video to create movement.
Shoot Shoot-the-Past's burst mode allows you to check the captured images that took place before you pressed the shutter button. You can pause video recording to apply real-time cuts, as well as preview effects on any photo as you take it. You can also edit yourself in the app, thanks to Camera MX's photo editing tools.

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3. FX Zoom Camera

Camera Zoom FX is also the best camera apps for Android that has long but has never lost its "hot" level. The app has a variety of shooting modes such as Burst Mode, timing, voice activation, and image stability (vibration protection) during shooting. In addition, you can also manually adjust shooting settings such as ISO, HDR, brightness, saturation and more. Along with that, the FX Zoom Camera also supports about 40 visual effects divided into 6 items to help the photographer avoid boredom. Plus a series of post-shoot editing effects, users can freely create their "artwork" and share it with friends and relatives through social networks using the sharing feature.

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4. Candy Camera

The app offers 30+ real-time filters, easy-to-friendly editing, one-touch beauty, lighting effects for your photos. In addition, users can also edit images with functions such as lightening the skin, eye linen, removing acne or attaching on images of extremely cute stickers. With a Candy Camera, taking photos is much easier, more convenient and kute!

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5. Cymera

Cymera is a simple, easy-to-use camera application. It's aimed only at casual users who just want to highlight their images a bit, with over 100 selfie filters, a variety of shooting modes, and auto-editing tools on offer. You have up to seven different lens options to choose from, as well as some more basic editing features like red-eye removal, ...

For beginners or casual photographers, this is great, because there's no need to get too preoccupied with features that you can't use. You have also integrated new features to help you quickly upload your photos to social media networks like Instagram, Facebook, etc. so this is a good app for selfie addicts.

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6. Snow

Snow is definitely one of the best camera apps for android application that is no stranger to everyone. Snow allows users to take photos or record videos with many unique filters and lovely stickers, which are constantly updated, giving you beautiful, personality photos with the "hard brush" association. You can download the Snow application here.

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7.Google Camera

Google Camera is a free application developed by Google, which is certainly most of the best camera apps for android. In addition to the basic photography features, Google Camera also supports other features such as font removal, slow motion (on supported devices), video stabilization, ... However, this application only supports devices running Android 7.1.1 and above. You can download the Google Camera app here.

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8. Ulike

Ulike is one of the best camera apps for android application support poses today, you can create extremely "deep" photos as you want. You can download the Ulike app here.

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9. Google Cardboard Camera

This is a VR photography application developed by Google, allowing you to take a panorama picture, while taking the photo you can turn on the microphone to capture the surrounding sounds. You can also view the photos taken with this application in a virtual reality headset for more space, wider viewing angle and more vivid sound.

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10. VSCO

VSCO is a great camera app for Android. It has a fairly simple camera mode, but packed with lots of powerful features below. Smartphone photographers can shoot in RAW. You can also manually adjust ISO, white balance, and exposure.
A $ 19.99 annual subscription that gives you access to hundreds of advanced presets (only 10 are free). You also get more advanced editing tools available to you if you subscribe, including more detailed color adjustments. The app is built around its photo community, where you can share your photos, share tips, and join photo challenges. This is the perfect app for people who have an interest in taking pictures and sharing their content with others.

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11. Open Camera

There are many open source applications on Android for users who do not want to pay but still own good quality photo capture applications. And Open Camera is one of them. Since it is open source, the app is completely free, has no ads, and is completely free to use.

It comes with gesture control, GPS tagging and auto stabilization. There are also advanced features, like improved HDR, manual focus and dynamic range optimization. The app also allows you to take pictures in RAW format. It's not just for images, as the app supports both standard video creation and time-lapse. It also has support for external mics, as well as video resolution up to full HD.

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In the above article, CozyFoto introduces you to a lot of great best camera apps for Android, and the list is still growing. It's not easy to pick a few out of the lot.

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